BSH Dealers

Applying for a BSH Customer Service Spares account

In order for you to purchase replacement spare parts and accessories at a discount you will need to apply for a formal BSH Customer Service trade account*, which will allow you to order from our Quickfinder application.

To apply, please follow these steps:

1. Please email our Spares department

2. Please send us the following details and we will send you the application forms which will need to be completed to open an account:

Once your account is approved and opened, you will need to use our Quickfinder system to place orders.

*A BSH Customer trade account is a different account to those held with our sales department and does not entitle you to buy home appliances. Please note that all trade accounts are subject to approval and terms and conditions. Trade accounts are intended for businesses working within the home appliance, building and kitchen industries only and will not be given to businesses in unrelated fields.

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